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Our Process

We assure you our services are free and do not ask you for either a registration fee or a placement fee.

It all starts with you!

An offer interests you or you fit the desired profiles, send us via e-mail:

  • Your Resume
  • Certificates or letters of recommendation
  • Diplomas

Send your documents

We are interested in you

To get to know you better, please contact us.
We will complete your file together.
We encourage you to peruse through our offers so you can inform us of any offer that interests you.
We are not able to provide information concerning our open positions if we have not already received your documents by email.


If your profile matches one of our open positions we will schedule with you an appointment in our office.
If geographical distance is an impediment we can offer you an appointment via “Skype”!
Your consent is always required before sending your dossier to an employer.

Job interview

A coaching appointment with one of our consultants is scheduled systematically prior to an appointment with one of our clients.
We work hand in hand, any change in appointments, relevant information or response following an interview are shared between the candidate and JobTogether.

Schedule a meeting
via Skype

New open positions

With your approval, we will send you by mail or SMS new open positions as they become available. These proposals are made on a semi-automatic basis. If the proposal is not in line with your search, or does not suit you, please let us know. Your feedback will help us refine our proposals. If you are interested in a job, communicate it as quickly as possible to improve your chances.